Dental aesthetics and the best functionality are top priorities

Single crowns in the latest all-ceramic technology

With the latest CAD / CAM technology (computer-aided manufacturing), single crowns can be made in full ceramic immediately. For you as a patient, there is an immense time advantage that the crowns can be made in one session (within approx. 40 minutes) and used immediately. No further appointment is required.

The ground tooth is recorded and digitized directly in the patient’s mouth using a camera. It is displayed in 3D on the computer. The dentist then uses special software to carry out the restoration and the computer uses a special grinding unit to mill the crown out of a small ceramic block.

Fixed dentures – bridge

Bridges are particularly suitable for tooth gaps with up to a maximum of three missing teeth. For this purpose, the abutment teeth on the adjacent side of the gap are ground so far that space and support are created for the reception of crowns. These crowned teeth then carry the teeth to be replaced in the form of bridge members. If more teeth were missing, a bridge would in any case place too much strain on the abutment teeth. In this case, it is possible to use an implant-supported, fixed denture. In addition to full ceramic single crowns, we also offer full ceramic bridges.

Simple prostheses – full prosthesis

The full denture consists of a gum-colored plastic base into which plastic teeth are anchored as a row of teeth in the position of the missing teeth. In the upper jaw, the base covers the entire palate and the entire alveolar ridge, and ends on the lip side on the movable areas of the mucous membrane

The easiest way to attach missing teeth to the remaining teeth is to use a denture or a partial denture. Cast iron clips are used. This prosthetic shape is inexpensive, but has aesthetic disadvantages and creates an unfavorable load on the teeth that can be loosened by wearing. Braces are also used as an interim solution for implant treatments during the healing phase.

Removable dentures – attachment prosthesis

With a bed load anchoring, it is possible to attach removable dentures to teeth with no staples. This requires crowning the corresponding teeth, in which a groove is worked into the side or the back, into which the appropriate counterpart can be clicked onto the prosthesis to be anchored.

Implant-supported dentures

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. They have a mostly helical or cylindrical design. They are implanted in the jawbone to replace lost teeth. The dental implant performs the same function as your own tooth roots because it grows directly with the bone. It carries dentures such as single crowns and bridges. If there is not enough bone in the affected jaw by nature, a bone build-up is carried out.

The main advantages of dental implants:

  • High level of functionality and aesthetics
  • Dentures with a long shelf life and very good tolerance
  • Bone breakdown in the jaw is avoided
  • Healthy neighboring teeth are protected and stabilized
  • Bite and chewability of up to 100 percent

Crown manufacturing in our dental technology

Processing and grinding the tooth to be crowned. Impression taking of the patient’s upper and lower jaw. The dental technician casts these two impressions with hard plaster. In a so-called articulator, these sprockets are first precisely adjusted to the patient’s bite position and chewing behavior. A new tooth made of wax is now built on the tooth stump in the plaster model. The finished wax crown is in turn embedded in a mass that slowly hardens. In the next step, the wax liquefies in a preheating furnace and flows out. This creates the hollow tooth form, which is cast in a centrifugal casting with the metal alloy. As soon as the metal has cooled, the investment is knocked off and blasted off. The further processing of the crown blank is done by priming the surface and several layers with special dental ceramics. Between the fires, the dental technician checks the bite and accuracy of fit in the articulator. A crown is fired a total of five times before it can be polished

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